MyList Video Player

Stand-Alone Player > Responsive HTML5 video player that plays YouTube playlists


Dynamically Loads YouTube Playlist

Just specify a YouTube playlist ID and this player will load that playlist. Anytime that playlist is updated on YouTube it will be reflected in this player.

Fully Responsive

The MyList Player uses responsive design (CSS media queries) to adapt to fit the screen size. The player will expand to fit the full width of whatever parent element you place it into.

Mobile Friendly

The MyList Player has been heavily tested in major iOS and Android phones and tablets. It is touch-friendly and you can scroll the playlist with a swipe as well as tapping the left and right arrows.

Price: $7


Built using the YouTube javascript API.
This player only works with playlists you create on YouTube. This means you cannot remove YouTube channel info, related videos, and "watch on Youtube".

Some minor copy/paste of code required.
The Stand Alone and Gallery versions of this player require you to carefully follow the documentation provided with the download. You will need to copy/paste blocks of HTML code into the proper location in your page's code and set a few parameters. Demo's included with helpful comments in the code.

Customizable Options

  • Enable autoplay so that the next video in the playlist automatically plays when the current one ends
  • Show or hide the video titles that appear under each thumbnail in the playlist
  • Show or hide the YouTube video player controls (will show YouTube logo in lower right instead)
  • Change default and hover state colors for the video titles in the playlist
  • Change default and hover state colors for the left and right arrows

What's Included

When you purchase a license for $7 you will automatically be sent a link to download the MyList Player. Included in the download is the following:

  • Installation and configuration instructions
  • Demo's showing various configuration and color options
  • The MyList Player javascript and CSS files
  • The custom font file for the left and right arrows (two characters total)
Email support for 30 days from date of purchase is also included. View support details. View license details
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